Tara has worked on:

  • Startups - from early stage to acquisition
  • Political campaigns - Justin Trudeau
  • Public service projects - New Zealand (municipal and federal), USA (state CIO/CTO's + Department of Defence)
  • Not-for-profit campaigns
  • Multiple for-profit industry campaigns - CPG, Tech, Retail, Beauty + Fashion, Healthcare, Food + Beverage, Business Services, and more
  • Agency side

Tara has lived in:

  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (where she was born)
  • Sundre, Alberta (pop: 2,000)
  • Brandon, Manitoba
  • Calgary, Alberta (where she attended University of Calgary)
  • Toronto, Ontario (2x)* (current)
  • San Francisco, California (where she worked on projects with Google, Facebook, Tripit, Slideshare, and more)
  • Montreal, Quebec (where she launched her own startup + worked with Justin Trudeau)

How social is Tara?

  • She was on Twitter before it had any vowels - July 2006
  • She has been called a 'pioneer of online and social marketing' by multiple publications
  • She has been blogging since 2003
  • She was participating in online communities when modems were still dial up (1993)
  • She lived in San Francisco from 2005-2009, the era of Web 2.0, and hung out with the founders of Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, LinkedIN, and more

In regards to Speaking, Tara has:

  • spoken at over 170 conferences, mostly in main keynote roles.
  • spoken at ETech, Web 2.0, FOO Camp, Thinking Digital, SXSW, and TEDx, amongst others.
  • spoken at government conferences, industry conferences (including a cemetery conference!), tech conferences, marketing conferences, arts conferences, media conferences, and more. You can get a full list here.
  • created some of the top viewed and shared slideshows on Slideshare. You can see them here.

Some of Tara's other accomplishments are:

  • Starting one of the biggest worldwide movements: Coworking. Tara, along with Brad Neuberg, Chris Messina, and a bunch of other really amazing people in San Francisco in 2006 documented their work on creating spaces for independent workers that were more collaborative, coffee-shop culture than office rental. They set down the philosophy and basis for what is now an incredibly strong worldwide movement. There are thousands of spaces around the world and some of them are pretty fancy.
  • Writing one of the first books published by a major publisher on how the social web is changing business. The Whuffie Factor, which came out in 2009, is printed in 6 languages worldwide and was a best-seller in most regions.
  • Running an event called TransitCamp Bay Area that would lead to the launch of Google Transit in Google Maps. Tara brought together people from the various transit organizations, politics, public service, riders, tech companies, startups, and hackers, and set the ground for collaboration between all of them.
  • Creating the social and audience development strategy for the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau for his Liberal Leadership campaign in 2013. This strategy remained the basis for his winning campaign in 2015. All of those really human moments you see captured on social? That was the core recommendation to Tara's strategy.