Amelia EarhartI just want to re-publish the growing list of Women Who Risk and I want to re-assert that if you are a woman co-founder who meets the criteria of:

  1. Has to be their full-time gig (not a thing they do on the side or that they are doing between jobs)...but they could have been doing it full-time, then been bought by someone else, like Flickr.
  2. Has to be a founder or a co-founder, but it doesn't matter what their title is now (some co-founders are Accounting Manager...but they took as much of a risk as the CEO)
  3. Doesn't have to be '2.0' exactly, but should still be around from 1.0.
  4. Doesn't have to be an engineer, but must be at a technology or technology supporting company.
  5. There should be more than one person at the company, but there are exceptions, depending on the achievements (and I'm not talking making millions or anything).

Please 'toot your own horn'! Obviously not too many people are doing it for us.

Mary Hodder - Dabble

Gina Bianchi - Ning

Ann Crady - Maya's Mom

Sandy Jen - Meebo

Elaine Wherry - Meebo

Emily Chang - eHub/IdeaCodes

Xochi Birch - Bebo

Joyce Park - Renkoo

Jessica Hardwick - SwapThing

Margarita Irizarry - Scrapblog

Monica Heitlauf - Scrapblog

Caterina Fake - Flickr

Mena Trott - Six Apart

Yael Elish - eSnips

Halley Suitt - Top Ten Sources

Elisa Camahort - Blogher

Lisa Stone - Blogher

Jory DesJardins - Blogher

Malgosia Green - Nuvvo

Ryanne Hodson - Node101

Ariel Kleckner Ford - CareSquare

Carla Morton - BrandHabit

Cathleen Wang - BrandHabit

Carolee Reiling - still stealth

Sharra Chan - OrangeDoor

Erica Douglass -

Lisa Sugar - PopSugar

Louise Wannier - MyShape

Stephanie Hujanen - Savvies

Mitchell Baker - Mozilla

Beatrice Tarka - Mobissimo

Emily Boyd - Remember the Milk

Andra Davidson - Mothersclick

Holly Liu - still stealth

Amie Gillingham - EBSQ

Eileen Gittins - Blurb

Jennifer Myronuk - Storyfield

Rashmi Sinha - SlideShare

Julie Davidson - 30Boxes

Laura Scott - pingVision

Katherine Lawrence - pingVision

Kathy Sierra - Head First Books

Gillian Carson - Carson Systems

Catalina Girald - Moxsie (just setting up)

Alex Vikati - CastTV

Chris Shipley - Guidewire Group

Kate Everett Thorp - Real Girls Media

Milena Berry - Amiglia

Janice Fraser - Adaptive Path

Vanessa Williams - Oponia

Leigh Himel - Oponia

Dina Kaplan -

Rachel Cook - Minti

Maxine Sherrin - Westciv & WebDirections

Jeneane Sessum - Kat Herding Media

Sandra "Sandy" Lerner - Cisco Systems

Shai Coggins - b5 Media

Amy Muller - Ruby Red Labs

JD Millack - Zazzle

Ellen Miller - Sunlight Foundation

Linda Furrier - Podtech

Elizabeth Souther Tarbell - VivaPop

Julie Hanna Ferris - Scalix

Meg Hourihan - Blogger

Maggie Fox - Social Media Group

Maggie Tsai - Diigo

Susan DeFife - Backfence

Di-Ann Eisnor - Platial

Kim Polese - Spikesource

Pamela Johnson - Voxiva

Angela Beesley - Wikia

Priya Haji - World of Good

Cynthia Francis - Reality Digital & Clipshack

Amy Phillips - DeedQuest

Catherine Arnston - Hoteluxury

Kimberly Smithson - Prosperiti

Kathy Woolverton - SoftSearch

Sheryle Bolton - Quixit

Susan Solovic - SBTV

Alyssa Rapp - Bottlenotes

Sharon Vosmek - Women's Technology Cluster

Jennifer McFarlane - Women's Technology Cluster

Misty Olen - TicMagic & DesignNinjas

Arianna Huffington - Huffington Post

Kelly Goto - Gotomedia

Lisa Dentino - Bravisa

This list is rocking. Once I'm not so stinking busy, I am going to start something...first a conversation, then maybe a get together or two. I've met some amazing, incredible women already who are pretty excited about a group that is specifically focused on tempting women into technology entrepreneurship. I've started a Google Group. Email me if you want to join us. horsepigcow at gmail.