As the new year approaches...and knowing that I must make some major changes in my life, I hereby publish the very first official list of resolutions to my blog:

  1. I will go to the gym at least 2x per week
  2. I will move to a new apartment that Chris, Tad and I can call home (paint, settle in, etc.)
  3. I will spend more time with Tad (we're bringing him to Europe with us...excited about that) :) ... but just him and I
  4. I will start those french lessons
  5. I will work less than 50 hours per week (counting work events)
  6. I will start saving money again - at least $200/month
  7. I will eat better - no more meals at my desk + cut back on the carb intake
  8. I will get healthcare insurance and take better care of myself
  9. I will finish my research on healthy communities - case studies and all & post it to the Pinko Marketing blog
  10. I will not stay past 7 pm at the office more than 1x per week
  11. I will do something with my Women Who Risk list - even just a gathering or two...
  12. I will post to my blog at least once per day's out I have to do it. :)