Steve Jobs by J.D. Lasica on Flickr Another year, another Macworld is upon us and it is a screamin' busy week for those of us in San Francisco.

Chris has listed a comprehensive list of events here, some of them actually taking place at Citizen Space like the uber awesome Net Tuesday, this month all about Open Source, Open Access Library Publishing...basically a couple of librarians want to make the world's science and medical literature available to everyone for free online under a CC license. I'm really looking forward to that one.

You can also add the Twitter user: Macworld to your friends to see various Macworld events pop up during the week. Heaven forbid you miss the hottest parties and the last minute events. It also allows you to promote your own Macworld events by texting: D macworld your event oops... Contribute by preceding your Twitter update with for example: macworld your event. Or just add the RSS feed to your feed reader for updates without even joining.

I won't be seeing Steve-o (above) speak, but will pop into the expo itself to see what fabulous new gadgets, software and other great stuff is forthcoming. I'm going to try to be good and not buy anything. :)