dotBen by Sofia Kallin on Flickr Well, it's with a heavy heart that I announce that Ben Metcalfe is leaving Citizen Agency. I'm sure you are wondering, "What happened?"

There are really no sordid details.

We were really excited when Ben joined us in the fall and he and Sofia (his wife) have fit into the SF scene incredibly well (where they plan to stay...and I hope they do). Over the past couple of months, though, it became more and more apparent that we had different ideas about the direction of the company, neither of them 'better' or 'worse', just different. And, as my readers know, I'm pretty focused on my direction and Chris happens to be focused on that same direction. I think this frustrated Ben a little and though we tried to talk about how we would fit this together into a cohesive goal, we just couldn't find a compromise that left any of us satisfied.

So, making the decision to break earlier than later in the game so that we can maintain the relationship and so everyone has the chance to go in their intended directions sooner than later, we sat down a couple of days ago and discussed "The Break Up". It was a sad conversation and we will miss his scrappy British crazy coloured hair self at CA. Ben made his announcement over here.

Still, we think that doors closing mean that new ones open and we know that Ben will do well in whatever he pursues. Chris and I will continue the work we are doing and remain committed to 'Thinking Small' and working towards being remarkable instead of big.

I think all of us will be better for it. :)