Personally, I'm a little surprised that nobody has called me out on what a spoiled brat I am... So let me...

If you don't have Higher Purpose, you have a commodity. Commodity is about affordability and efficiency. You will probably do quite well if you follow the formulas and work hard. It is absolutely necessary to have commodities in this world. Without them, the majority of the world could not survive.

I find this World Values Map incredibly enlightening (although not surprising). It shows a very stark difference between our Western World drive towards self-expression (where, in our post-scarcity economy, we have the luxury of pursuing Higher Purpose, etc.) opposite of the still ingrained necessity of survival. Within the economic strata of even the post-scarcity countries, though, is the reality that not everyone can afford to make statements of self-expression with each purchase. Sometimes we need to buy the cheapest brands. I know, personally, most often I need to buy the items on sale to make rent...and I'm severely privileged. I may desire the boutique brands, but I'm no Warren Buffet.

In other words, Community and Higher Purpose and Boutique and self-expression are all ideas that we evolve to because we are far from thinking about survival. We are pretty lucky to be able to even think about these things.

Saying this, being privileged shouldn't be a point of shame, but a point of understanding of difference and the need for our tools to not only allow us for personal self-expression, but to get the rest of the world to the point where self-expression is taken for granted. There is still a big need for that. [In other words, I will still not be railroaded from my own Higher Purpose of fighting for the institutional valuation of human beings over money. I think that's pretty universal.]

But Higher Purpose is a personal thing. What's important to me may sound like a crock of crap to another. At some point, I'll discuss that phenomenon, but right now it's a loaded subject.