ack the mondo-interesting and very fired up comment section of my last couple of posts.

Poor, but incredibly real exuses: I'm in the midst of prepping for a couple of summit-type events at Citizen Space (private,), my talk on Saturday at CommunityNext at Stanford, another great fabulous session of Net Tuesday at Citizen Space, Ma.gnolia's upcoming birthday party at the space, my session and workshop at Future of Web Apps, not to mention our trip to Europe, getting travel plans for SXSW (where I'm on a panel with the wonderful Ted Rheingold of Dogster), ETech (need to prepare another workshop), Community 2.0 in Vegas (Bootcamp) and now Tel Aviv! Talking to the fine folks in Toronto about helping with a wonderful event, OpenCities. Helping out with a couple of other coworking spaces as they set up. Thinking about the BarCamp planners summit in Austin. Keeping up with a list of clients who include Tangler, Ma.gnolia, Edgeio, CubeClick (private beta), Yourminis and Scrapblog. Being on the planning team for the upcoming Web 2.0 Expo (we are personally in charge of the Web2Open there). Trying to spend some time with my son, who, as a teenager really really needs time with his mom, even if he doesn't think so (which is really my first priority). Keeping up with about 250 emails a day (not including notifications of comments). Getting our office in better shape for the coworkers who have been dropping in like mad lately (it's a nice bustly place!). Dealing with the fact that AT&T cut off our DSL because they are idiots (we use Speakeasy). What else? I'm sure there are more incidentals and events and work that I am missing.

Dammit...there aren't enough hours in the day. So, sorry if I'm not getting into the absolutely amazing discussion, dissention and amazing ideas that are emerging there. Many more people have thought this out way further than I have. I'm afraid I'm just a novice...but I'm learning...