Rule Brittania by Malias on Flickr I'm currently at the Future of Web Apps in London...great show btw! I think it's even better than the one in San Francisco (and I really enjoyed that one). Good job, team Carson Systems! My talk went well and several people who I really admire gave me good reviews. I think my 'meat and potatoes' approach to this presentation, rather than the 'aspire to inspire' approach was much better and the presentation is one to build on for my future talks.

We had a brilliant time at BarCampLondon2, thanks to Ian Forrester, Natalie Downe and Jason Cartwright for squeezing us in. Bummer we didn't get to town early enough to do the full two days + late night werewolf session. Monday was for polishing up my presentation and taking Tad around London, where he fell in love with Camden Town. He is now the proud owner of a couple of pairs of chain pants, stripey cuffs and several Chemical Romance t-shirts and hoodies.

After my talk yesterday morning, sat through many amazing presentations: favourites included the guys, a charming Dutch startup, soocial (amazingly funny presentation - the guy should be a standup comic), Bradley's overview of the cool things they are doing with Brickhouse and the DIGG/OpenID announcement by Kevin Rose. However, everyone was great. Loads of awesome information and good presenters and a really great, receptive audience.

Had a great OpenID dinner last night with a bunch of really amazing and smart folks, including Jonathan Rochelle of Google Docs & Spreadsheets. No matter how much I grilled him could I find a crack in the Gexterior. I don't think they are evil after all, just big and a little removed from the grassroots...but they are receptive. We tried to feed Jonathan enough wine to get him to commit to implementing Microformats and OpenID, but he woke up this morning with the sober idea to just bring it to Google and advocate for it inside. He did seem pretty jazzed about the possibilities, so I'll live with that.

Today is another awesome day...unfortunately we slept in a bit, but were able to catch Khoi Vinh and Simon Willison. Khoi had some amazing quotes, such as, "Although most users are intermediates, most features have the expert in mind." His work on the New York Times website was pretty great and very sound when it comes to UI. Simon's presentation on OpenID was fun and engaging and I hope someone podcasted it. He explained all of the angles well, even the icky stuff like phishing.

Now I'm off to see Chris on a panel about European vs. American startups.

I think it's 'sold out', but Ian is also throwing a geek dinner in our honour tonight, which I'm pretty hyped about. And tomorrow, Chris and I deliver a workshop where we are doing a 'Community Mashpit'...and supposedly it is the most popular workshop offered. We have a full house and several people asking if we can "sneak them in". Friday, we are off to Paris to meet with all sorts of interesting people...