a Paris II day II & III I really love this city. With all of our travel, it's still probably my favorite city. There seems to be such an appreciation for attention to detail here, whether it be the food or the relationships. Our amazing friends at FaberNovel always make plenty of time to show us fantastic restaurants, amazing sights and make certain that we stop and enjoy Paris, even when we are tied to our laptops because of this deadline or that project.

So, this weekend, I'm finally going to go boutique shopping and Chris is finally going to see the Louvre, both things we've been dying to do while in Paris. Tad says he wants to go shopping with me, but I suspect about 2 hours into it, he'll ask for money and find his own fun. :)

I also wanted everyone to know about the rich tech scene in Paris, so you have an excuse to come here even when work is busy. There are a couple of coworking spaces set up, the most accessible (as far as I know right now) is the Silicon Valois near the Louvre. I will post the address here shortly (for some reason, it isn't showing up on the wiki...they may have their own site), but has also been a project of Silicon Sentier, run by the same friends from FaberNovel, who seem to tirelessly dedicate themselves to BarCamp, Coworking and countless other community projects as well as running a successful French technology business AND taking time out for the finer things in life like family, food and culture.

While we're here, we are also honoured to partake in another geek dinner type event on Monday evening, Where Is My Community Geekdinner, where we can talk about Pinko Marketing, which has become a popular movement here (the ideas very much resonate with the relationship-driven French), and other geeky things like OpenID and Microformats whilst enjoying amazing food and wine (of course). Many thanks to Jean-Christophe Capelli et Christophe Ducamp, who have organized this and who do so much great work on PM, Microformats, OpenID et al.

We will also be spending some time meeting with some amazing French technology companies before we leave for San Francisco on Tuesday.

Oh...and I think Tad may even be enjoying himself here. He seemed to smile a great deal out at dinner last night.