Okay Marty, even though we are traveling and all, I'll play along. This particular meme is all about how we consume media, which may be useful to people: Web:

The browser I use primarily is Camino - mostly for the speed and the lack of crashing. If there are cool Firefox extensions I want to give a whirl, I will pop it open. For a feed reader, I use Bloglines, but I'm becoming less and less enamoured with it. I am thinking of switching to an offline reader.

For all of my mail, calendaring, docs, etc., I use the Google suite.


Mostly online. Pandora. If we are borrowing a Zipcar, we'll listen to Lucy or Ethyl on XM Radio. There is a talk radio that we very occasionally listen to, but I can't recall...


Don't even own one. Tad has one and I may find myself stopping for an additional 30 seconds to watch The Simpsons before he tells me to get out of his room after I've gone in there to chat with him about something.


We subscribe to Netflix, but hardly have enough time to get one movie in per week. We try to go to the theatre at about the same rate.


I'm not a big 'voice' person unless it's in person. I've never really liked talking on the phone. I use Twitter frequently, email and in-person as much as I possibly can. I also use Skype quite alot, Tangler a bit (although waiting for it to be open so all of my friends can come by), Colloquyfor my irc, I'm occasionally on AOL through Adium, and almost always on Jabber (gTalk) as it goes through my Blackberry. I occasionally will use SMS, but it costs muchos, so I avoid it.


JPG, The Economist, Wired, Fast Company, sometimes Businessweek, sometimes Business 2.0, sometimes The New Yorker and New York mag...New York Times, SF Chron (weekends)...I used to religiously read the Globe & Mail every weekend, now it is impossible to find in the US, so I kicked that habit years ago. I could pick it up again in a second, though. :) I read most everything online in the online versions as well. If the articles are great, I will pick up the original mag for the layout.


I listen to stuff through my iTunes, mostly MP3s that I have actually bought ('cause I'm a sucker for DRM, I guess, but I feel that now that I'm no longer a starving student, I should). heart keeping track of my listening stream through my Last.fm iscrobbler, so I try to stick to iTunes for that (plus we have the airport express attached to our speakers...), but I also spend lots of time listening to Pandora.

Now I have to tag people...hmmmm...I'll tag Henriette, Adina, Ariel, Nancy and Britt. Online girlfriends/associates who I'm interested in hearing about their own media consumption.