Quickie Post... Chris, Ross Mayfield, Brady Forrest, Jen Pahlka and I are all on the team that is organizing the Web2Open at the upcoming big, fancy, schmancy Web2Expo.

I haven't pointed to the Web2Open site, because, well, we haven't put it together...but will be working on it over the next week or so.

What is the Web2Open?

  1. A BarCamp-like space that our friends at O'Reilly and CMP have set aside especially for us in the middle of the Expo.
  2. A totally 100% free event that is going to rock so that those of you who are independents and part of smaller, unfunded startups can participate in the Web2Expo.
  3. A combination of the BarCamp open grid + some pre-set sessions (in order to ensure diversity, we are pre-booking some 'from the edge' type speakers and topics - please message me if you have a suggestion) + a MASHROOM (a 2 day mashpit, where all of the API providers are welcome to get involved)
  4. A great place for the grassroots to gather to mingle with bizness.

We were delighted when Jen and Brady approached us and thought this would be a really great first official partnership event between O'Reilly and BarCamp, something that we've been working towards for a while. And the best part is that they've totally let us be in charge of the content and offered all of their promotional steam. So, when we get the site up, etc., we'll be able to take advantage of their kind offer. :)

The dates of the Web2Expo event are April 15-18, but Web2Open will occur on April 17-18 from 1-7 pm. I am also hoping to use the space for other events, like a Community Roundtable on the 16th (more details to come), and Brady will be kicking everything off with an Ignite event on the Sunday night (more details to come).

Sorry about the lack of info...I'll announce it here as they roll out. We are also recruiting volunteer leaders for the days, so if you are interested, contact me. We'll have a wiki up soon as well for everything hosted by Social Text.