Aniane, Lodeve, Languedoc et St. Guilhem des deserts In honour of St. Paddy's Day that just passed (did you see the cute logo changes about town?) as well as the awesome amount of environmental projects that are taking flight online, here are a few of the way cool projects I've stumbled across over the past while that you should check out:

These Come From The Trees

A really awesome project being worked on by our friend Pete Kazanjy. Basically, you order stickers and you help put them on bathroom paper towel dispensers everywhere so that people think twice before using too much paper towel. Studies have shown that having the message there significantly reduces paper towel usage. Simple, but very effective.

World Changing

We've had the book in the office for a while, but we haven't been reading it as much as we should. I enjoyed hearing Alex Steffen talk at SXSW and suggested that SXSW stop handing out the feedback cards and have an SMS feedback option instead.

Green Internet

A group of socially conscious geeks aligning to offset the pollution caused by surfing all day. If you make your site green, you can also increase traffic.

Citizen Space is Getting Greener

Our 'coworker' at Citizen Space is helping us apply for green certification as well as helping us get greener. We started out with the goal of making the office as environmentally sound and sustainable as possible, but Ivan has helped quite a bit in helping us get better. He should know, he runs a sustainable marketing and sustainable web-hosting business.

The Green V

Vince pinged me today about his project to align two subjects: poverty and the environment. He's right. There are strong correlations between growing poverty and pollution. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of waste that fills landfills while many people have nothing. Years ago, I volunteered at the food bank, picking up food that the fancy grocery stores couldn't sell anymore, but was perfectly fine for consumption, and delivering it to the food bank. When I asked what they used to do with the food (cans that had been dented and bananas that were ripe), they replied that they used to just toss it out. Wow.