Date: Monday, April 16Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Where: (where the Web2Open will take place)

Moscone West - 2nd floor 747 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103


The roundtable discussion is intended to be the start of an exchange of information amongst people who are passionate about their online communities - whether they are part of one or manage one (and by manage, I just mean it is part of their day-to-day job to make sure everyone is listened to and mostly happy). I believe that there is a wealth of knowledge from people who, over the years, have done this work that we haven't exchanged. I was inspired to do this when Elisa Camahort of Blogher came to a Citizen Summit at our coworking space and told all sorts of brilliant stories about the intricacies of the Blogher community.

Then I sat down with John Coate, now at Techsoup, famous for his essay on Cyberspace Innkeeping and his work with The Well (a longstanding online community), whose stories everyone could benefit from as well. This, alongside the countless brilliant people I've met over the past couple of years who have a wealth of knowledge to share with the world as well as one another.

I don't have any huge expectations, really...I want to make this an informal story exchange session that can be posted publicly. Maybe something else will come of it, maybe it won't. I just feel like it's important. And it isn't about one "community". There aren't any 'stars''s about how we've experienced working on a more grassroots level with a damn...and getting frustrated...and learning a tonne. Feel free to bring presentations, handouts, etc., but respect everyone's time and input.

Oh...and Citizen Agency will be sponsoring a lunch and morning coffee. If there are any additional sponsors for an evening affair, drop me a line. I'd also love to hear from volunteers who would like to help out by recording the event - video, podcasting, live blogging, etc. We'll have an IRC channel et al as well. Any suggestions are welcome!


The roundtable is intended for those who have been part of or managed the community interactions. If you are just interested in this stuff, please follow along.

Please sign yourself up on the wiki here.

*this is not an official Web2Expo event...I've just asked their permission to use the space for the day and they have been awesome enough to let us.