Scrapblog Builder Our client, Carlos Garcia of Scrapblog proved this week that embracing the chaos can expose exciting opportunities for a startup.

On Tuesday afternoon, Chris and I stopped by the Adobe booth at ETech to chat with Michelle Turner about Apollo. Adrian Ludwig was also there, preparing for the hot Apollo demo they were going to do on Thursday morning. Somewhere in the conversation Scrapblog came up and Adrian said, "You know, if they could get that working in Apollo by Thursday, we really need another great app to demo...."

So, instantly, I called Carlos, who only hesitated because he had been pushing his lead developer, Omar, so hard.

"I'll see what Omar says."

Carlos is a super organized guy. He sends us all sorts of timelines and feature roll out plans and has everything planned down to the minute of the day. A radical shift to building Scrapblog as an Apollo app was not in the cards for some time. Within a couple of hours, they confirmed that they would do it and Adrian jumped in with some Adobe resources to help them out.

They demo'd a beautiful Apollo version of Scrapblog this morning to many oooo's and aaaaa's.

But that isn't the best part. The best part is that Scrapblog has also stepped up to help out Adobe by showcasing their new technology in a really schwank way, so, of course, Adobe is more than happy to continue showing this demo going forward and we look forward to seeing what else may transpire along the way. Carlos' open-mindedness (and Omar's amazing endurance!) has opened all sorts of doors that weren't there previously.

I continuously try to make the point about actually getting yourself out there instead of sitting over a computer. Sure, opportunities don't always arise when you are out and about, but they are more likely to. And you shouldn't always be actively looking for them, either. You should just go to experience. When you are actively looking, you might be too focused and miss out on the hot opportunities. We stopped at the Apollo booth because we wanted to chat with Michelle about Apollo and mention our desire to do a Flashpit at the Adobe SF offices.

Carlos is great at recognizing this. The more he opens up and has faith, the more unplanned, but amazing opportunities will arise. It's what keeps happening with Larry of Ma.gnolia.

Oh...and if you didn't already know, Scrapblog is in beta testing mode. If you go to this URL, you can give it a whirl. I'm a little biased, but I think they've done an awesome job. :)