RE: Calling Chris Locke a sad soul who blames others in the SF Chron. I really need to watch what I say to reporters. I have a knack for making statements that either get hyperbolized or, more likely, are printed exactly how they came across and what I should realize is how awful they sound in the first place. I could say that I was reacting out of latent anger for the events (the swarm in that fateful post) that led to, which has left me totally self-conscious about everything I write, which may be a good thing, but I think it leaves me swallowing alot of resentment. But I'm an adult and should learn to deal with my anger in a more productive way...especially after I make statements about dealing with anger in more productive ways.

This is probably the least proud I am of anything I've ever said to a reporter. I am usually a pretty positive person and try to empathize with everyone. I didn't with Chris. I took the evidence that I knew was true (that he started both and unclebobisms - both documented with Wordpress) and extended way into judgment territory. All I know about Chris is what he writes online. I know that I've had to stop reading him several times because of highly sexualized posts about women. I also know that he has written at least two amazingly brilliant books, The Cluetrain Manifesto and Gonzo Marketing.

But I don't know the whole story. And even though I still believe Locke, as ringleader for the people in this group, is responsible for making certain this group does not get out of hand, I have no right to cast judgment on his life. Or make ridiculously sweeping statements about his character.

I said it, and I can't 'take it back', but I apologize to Chris for putting that statement out there. It was wrong and hurtful and I did something no better than what happened at