I thought with all of this talk about going green, I'd better do some work on my own... STEP 1.

Celebrate my love of Zipcar by creating a totally cool fansite (called ZipKarma...url mapping coming soon!) on Ning! (I'll write more about Ning soon)

ZipKarma [http://zipcar.ning.com]


Start moving my blog over to awesome green host, Sustainable Websites...the switch is happening this weekend, I believe. Thanks Ivan!


Start composting again (at the office and at home). We're doing it at the office and just waiting for the stuff at home (home is complicated as we have building serviced garbage and recycling, but no compost...so it will have to start with us carrying our compost to the office every morning).


We're really trying to make an effort to make those day to day things 'greener'...and it isn't too hard. Some basics that we already do?

  1. Shop at Trader Joe's and buy the environmentally friendly cleaning products (I hear people heart Rainbow Grocery as well)
  2. Recycle madly. When someone throws a pop can or a juice container in the garbage, I make a point of telling them to recycle instead
  3. Rinse out all of our jars & break down any packaging we have from food and recycle.
  4. Walk as much as possible. Take public transportation. Use Zipcar when we absolutely have to.
  5. Replace all lightbulbs with energy efficient models
  6. Donate old stuff (clothes & furniture) to the Salvation Army & try to buy second hand and refurbished (both of our MacBook Pros are refurbished)
  7. Use all paper products sparingly
  8. ...including trying to have a [nearly] paperless office. We've cut our 'filing' down to next to nothing. We get all of the bills we can electronically and pay them electronically.
  9. Read all of our materials online. Only buy the actual paper magazines and newspapers when there are articles we want to clip.

I'm sure there are a gazillion more things we can do as well. Eating in more often? Buying at farmer's markets? Less travel (jet fuel makes me want to cry)?