The Community Roundtable today was way cool and, thanks to Kent Bye, we have notes up on the wiki. Soon, we should be posting audio. Stay tuned. We're also starting a discussion group, which will follow shortly...all of it will be totally open. We even got a little coverage, thanks to Dan, who stopped by for a spell in the afternoon. (thanks Dan!)

...tomorrow and Wednesday from 1-7pm, the Web2Open and Mashroom will take place on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Moscone West, which looks to have a great turnout already (if today's 'little meeting' numbers are an indication, we may be in trouble!).

There will be an IRC Channel on called #web2open, a Tangler group and I've created a group on for people to put their presentations. Any other groups? Tags? Etc.?

Thanks again to the EXTREME generosity of O'Reilly and CMP for giving us the space and so much more to make this happen!