Found out some way-cool stuff, like:

  • Most people on the list are from the US/UK/Canada (probably because it's in English - there is an opportunity here if we can get stuff translated)
  • Most people are looking for a space to work out of, with a close second going to people who are interested in setting up a space
  • The top criteria people want in a space are: Atmosphere, Community Feeling and a Collaborative Environment
  • Those trying to set up a space are in need of finding a space first and foremost...have any advice? (had lots of feedback on this, many needed practical information like access to data on areas of town and cost psf, etc.); and...
  • What people were most getting out of the list is Community, Advice and Support (so it's going well!)

Thanks to everyone who took the survey. We received over 120 responses from all over the world.

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