New Schedule [updated schedule: bummer, but we are no longer doing such a major Canadian tour...I'm heading to Montreal for the Jazz Festival with some friends. I may have one night or a couple of hours on the Friday for a lunch and/or meetings. I'll still be in Calgary, though. :)]

[I've gotten loads of use out of this awesome site, Dopplr -- thanks to Stowe for the invite! As soon as they stop being irritating and choking the invites, I'm sure it will be even better.]

Lots more travel coming up for me...we just got back from Portland (spoke at their local tech conference, Innotech, visited CubeSpace, the Portland Coworking facility, met up with an amazing BarCampPortland group and had a wonderful fun-packed 2 days), but are off again next week to go to Mix 07 (Chris is repeating his SXSW panel, Getting Unstuck) for a couple of days. While there, that crazy Whurley guy has ignited a wee BarCampMixer on the Monday night that should be a good time. :)

Then, next week, I'm off solo to Wellington, New Zealand, where I'll be speaking 3x (one workshop, one session and one keynote) to the GOVIS delegates. I'm really excited because on the Thursday night (May 10th), the local social geek & entrepreneurial community is organizing a geek dinner. When I know more details, I'll definitely post them here. I've been chatting to the fine folks at Webstock and Silicon Welly, thanks to the orchestration of Justine Sanderson, an Aucklander who will be up in Wellington while I'm there who is spearheading the Coworking movement in NZ.

No sooner am I back, but we are jetting off to New York to attend the Personal Democracy Forum - sticking around a day or two more to meet up with folks at Crayon,, etc.

After that, I'm sticking close to home until late June. If you are in any of the places I'm traveling to, I'd love to meet up.