Although I haven't previously presented at a conference on HR related techniques, my talk yesterday went quite well and many approached me afterwards to tell me that they were using some of the techniques in their management practices and it was working very well for regaining employee interest and raising morale. Some even reported a higher level of innovation and creative thinking.

The presentation took what I've learnt from 'managing' creative teams over the years (starting from more traditional models, moving to the Starfish and the Spider model in our current roles) and backed it up with brilliant research work from people like Scott Berkun and Malone & Lepper's learning motivation work. But mostly, it's come from the experience that I have of really really hating to manage at all. I've always been a self-motivated, entrepreneurial type (and an intrapreneur when I worked at larger companies), so I tend to try to work with others who are similar to me. My downfall is that I tend to expect everyone to be this way, but it's also served me well as people who start off working with me who are timid, usually end up becoming more aggressive and confident after working with me (in fact, I think I've created some 'monsters' who have gone on and done all sorts of amazing things I'm absolutely envious of. ;)

I hope you enjoy it. I know that I enjoyed working on it and presenting it.

One more presentation to go! I'll be uploading my Government 2.0: architecting for collaboration on Friday morning (NZ time).