Gif I usually don't post contest stuff...nor do I just post 'cause someone is a client (and Scrapblog is a client), but I really really heart their contest to send someone to the BlogHer 07 Conference in Chicago.

BlogHer is one of those conferences I've always wanted to go to, but found myself either away or broke at the time (last year, we were just setting up the company and had to pinch every penny, plus I was constantly in meetings trying to round up enough client work to get this thing of the ground). I heart the founders, Elisa, Lisa and Jory, and they have all been amazing mentors for me. I think the fit is so perfect for Scrapblog as there are oodles of talented bloggers and artists in that community.

This year, I'm already going (and totally excited for it)...good thing, 'cause I suck at making nice Scrapblogs (I don't know why, all of my attempts look like muck). :)

You can find out more information on how to enter here. I really hope to see you at BlogHer 07!