Facebook Status In the second I read this (or the change from 'In a relationship/married' to 'it's complicated'), I feel:

  • Connected to that person: I've been there. I can only imagine how sad it was (or elated, depending on the ended relationship).
  • Connected to Chris: I remember that, even though we fight sometimes, it's important to work hard on our relationship because it is so important to me and I'd hate to have it reduced to a Facebook newsfeed notification alongside someone adding a new app.

Love relationships are still the most interesting, telling pieces of our human lives. This little newsfeed feature is both revolutionary (it opens up our lives to one another in fantastically vulnerable ways...ways in which are, I think, helpful) and frightening (reducing it to a notification trivializes the heartache around this event - how often do we reach out to our friends when we see this notification to get the full story and comfort them like true friends?).