StrongerI wanted to capture my post-workout lines here...[warning: personal reflection post ahead]

In just over two weeks, I'm turning 34.


Not old, really, but I feel like so much about my body has changed in the past couple of years. It's hard to describe and the changes have been both positive and negative, and they wouldn't be too diagnosable by a physician. Just changes.

Like on the negative, I've been experiencing semi-frequent migraines. They suck. I remember my mom having them about 10 years ago. She seemed to suffer quite a bit and now I know why. I've also been experiencing heightened 'ditziness' - clumsiness at times and forgetting people's names and words...or the point I was trying to make mid-sentence. According to my mom, this is what she experienced as well. Between the sage wisdom I've gained over my years of experience (lol), I sound like a complete bimbo. I've been using 'HorsePigCow' more and more (see my About page for further explanation).

On the positive side, my body, especially my upper body, seems to be getting stronger. I can do more pushups, lift more and it even appears more muscly (although I need to work on making it look that way to others). My aerobic ability has also increased quite a bit. All of my life, I couldn't run at all. I hated it. It was painful and tedious. Just today I got on the treadmill after not working out for a month and a half (and doing anaerobic activities like pilates before that) and ran at a brisk pace for 20 minutes without breathing hard at all.

Of course there is also the skin changes as well as the persistent 'tire'. From what I hear, this is worsened by stress (someone say Vitamin B will help keep that at Bay). My obsession with skin care has kept Sephora and La Mer in business and I'm growing more and more interested in stuff like 'supplements' and 'homeopathic remedies'. Yikes!

I know I have a few female readers out there, so I'm wondering what you've noticed changing and when it started for you (guys experience this, too, so feel free to pipe in...I'm interested in how things change for you). Mine probably started about 2 years ago, but has been quite acute for the past year. There are so many positive things about being my age. So many things I'd love to go back and tell myself at 24. Of course I would also scold that 24 year old for smoking, sunning (although I was always careful with my fair skin) and drinking so heavily, but that's the 34 year old mom in me.

I think it is good that I can't, though. It would take the awe and amazement out of the discoveries now. When I was 24, I thought life was grande. It would have ruined it for me to see an even grander vision in the future.

::oh, and I should add, I think my 24 year old self would be totally jealous of me. Awesome, way cool 14 year-old son, super hunky 26 year-old boyfriend, amazing friends, living in a cool city, about to celebrate the first year anniversary of a great business of and a lifestyle of giving that I'm way proud of. I should really spare her the envy and let her discover her agency for herself. :)