First birthday! on Flickr Today Citizen Agency is one year old. Wow. That feels good.

We've been all over the world. Talked to anyone who will listen. Learnt a helluvalot. Met so many amazing people. Worked with some great clients. Had oodles of wins and very few setbacks. And the thing I'm most proud about: we didn't go into a penny of debt. Not a penny. We didn't ever borrow money or go into a line of credit. And we've traveled, built an office and enjoyed life in one of the most expensive cities in the US - and given lots away, too! (I'm going to be writing how the Gift Economy has immensely helped our business very soon)

I'm really quite proud of what we've built. It isn't always sunshine, but it's always been interesting and exciting. I'd like to put a big shout-out to my PiC, Chris Messina, for having the guts to go in this with me and for making it work so well. We don't always see eye to eye. I know I get on your case. But you are brilliant and this company is so much you.

Here is to the first year and to the future many years or whatever the years may bring!