a.k.a. Event Planning While Negotiating the Leaping Between the Ivory Towers of Social Networks Golden Gate Bridge on Flickr

['cause even those that sorta exist kind of look like this...]

So, I'm in the midst of organizing and trying to promote BarCampBlock, using many of the tools at my disposal:

  • PB Wiki - 'cause we organize BarCamp on a wiki...that's just what we do...
  • Eventbrite - it's a really great way to keep track of the actual attendee numbers and follow up later if anything goes awry or needs to be clarified (venue change, etc.). It's really awesome for events you are collecting a fee for as well.
  • Facebook Events - because they have that oh so powerful Social Graph there...and my 'friend list' is well over 700 people.
  • Upcoming - because it is THE place to post your events in SF.
  • The Squidlist - because this is ACTUALLY THE place to post your events in SF. (still awaiting approval)

Of course there is more and all sorts of helpful friends have suggested them to me...but I don't want to know of YET ANOTHER web app or social network for events or posting board or blog...I want to organize my damned event! Unfortunately, managing the multitude of options for posting this event has become a full-time job.

Now, NO...I don't want someone to come along and say either of the following, either:

  • "Our firm will post and manage your event on the multitude of sites out there for you for a small fee."; or
  • "We have a new network that aggregates all of the other event data so that you only have to post once."; or
  • "Hi, on OUR LARGE LOOMING UNNAMED NETWORK, we have many independent event apps that are deeply integrated into our platform."
  • "We have a new app that posts your event to all of the multitude of sites out there and manages your updating for you."; or even
  • "You can use Yahoo!Pipes to create a management tool to help you upload and manage your event on multiple sites."

Nope. I don't want more of this or that...what is out there is just fine for me. Everyone does a fine job of doing what they promise to do. I don't want widgets or exported xml files or deep integration. What I DO want is these sites to stop competing for my attention and to start bridging between them. I don't know how? OpenID maybe? Oauth perhaps? Microformats? Brian did a fine post about this conundrum over here that explains some of the technology of building those bridges.

And It's not for anyone to be owned or monetized or patented or famous for or any other type of ego/industrial complex type of a solution either. This needs to happen for me...who is representing your customer who is creating a great deal of the value you 'own' on your network or site or app. Consider it a 'gift' that shows your 'gratitude' for our implicit partnership towards creating a better world.

C'mon...start playing with one another or else we'll just have to protest by doing something like - crap, I don't know. In fact, I feel totally disempowered to do anything but hate you all deeply and pray everyday for your ivory towers to fall into the sea someday soon. Maybe I AM open to another solution...the solution that cares about my experience and works hard to create those bridges rather than padding one's own network.