Well...it's finalized... I'M WRITING A BOOK! Wa-hoo!

Thanks to my amazing agents, Danielle and James at Levine Greenberg, I signed a book deal with the awesome Crown Publishing and get to work with fabulous editor John Mahaney over there. I'm heading to NYC this weekend so that I can sit down and meet with him regarding all of the wonderful things we are going to do...including writing this book. We're all really excited about the various dimensions in which this can play out.

The title I came up with?

How to be a Social Capitalist: winning with the currency of online communities

And the book follows the framework of my recent presentation in Rotterdam with lots more meat, case studies and fleshed out advice.

The catch?

I have to have it finished by April 30, 2008. That gives me exactly 6 months. *gulp* So my life is going to have to shift in a major way. I've asked the wonderful Brian Oberkirch if he will step in and be my brain partner with clients over the next 6 months. Of course, I will still be involved with our consulting, but I don't want our clients to feel as if they aren't getting full value, so Brian will MORE than make up for where my attention is torn. Besides, he's smarter than me anyway. :) I'm still sniffing around for a research assistant, but I may have one. Either way, if you know of one that is amazing at online and periodical research, I'll be paying a better than academic rate for the work ($25/hour). Basically, I'll write a bunch of crap that will make all sorts of assumptions, my editor will come back and say, "this is an assumption, back it up with real world examples" and I'll need someone to help me find these.

I still have to find out from Crown if I can invite people into the process while I am writing it. I'm pitching that this will be an open and transparent process...although going with a special invite group for this and not full-blown open as I want to stay focused and create some anticipation around the book. It will be an intimate community of trusted advisors I invite in. The Spread Love Project will be part of the puzzle as will a couple of other pieces I haven't put online yet and those will be completely open. I will also be publishing much of my research as I go along (as well as full interviews) on my blog, etc.

Otherwise, I'm just going to write it. It's a personal goal I've always had and I'm excited to do it. In fact, I'm super excited about it. :)