So, I had an amazing meeting with my new editor, John Mahaney, at Crown Publishing Group and he and Shawn Collins (the online guru there) were both very supportive of me publishing all of my research content publicly as well as creating a group of interested parties to give feedback along the way.

So, as soon as I finish editing it (as I made some boo-boos) I will be publishing my mostly raw interview content from my first interview with the Get Satisfaction team. I'm using Viddler for all of my production because:

  • They allow for anyone to download the entire file simply, so if you want to download it, go for it. (I need to talk to them about CC licensing, though.)
  • They allow for commenting 'in video' - meaning, you can leave a tag or a comment at a section of the video. So, you can say, "This should be in the book" or "This example reminds me of..." or "I heard that story, but it was told differently here..."
  • They have a beautifully stupid simple interface. I need that as I'm very new to this video thing.
  • I know the peeps that work there and that really helps with fixing issues. They are also nice people.
  • Gary Vee uses it, so it must rock.

I posted this video today. Obviously I'm very new to this. :)