Wow. There seems to be a great deal of ignorance brewing behind the actual goings on of Lane Hartwell's saga with Richter Scales. This morning, Lane issued a partial statement to clear things up:

In no small part due to this effort to keep things out of the public eye, certain people, rather imaginatively, have filled in their own details and jumped to some pretty wild conclusions. For the time being, I feel it is necessary to tackle one giant misconception. It has been erroneously reported in various media outlets and blogs that I have either filed or am in the process of filing a lawsuit against The Richter Scales. This is simply not true. At no point has there been any talk of filing a lawsuit on my behalf. To make matters worse, I have yet to be contacted by even one of these media outlets or bloggers to verify the authenticity of my supposed lawsuit.

A couple of facts here (although I have smart readers, maybe you could help them spread) that I should point out because angry mobs with mis-information cause way more harm than good. I've watched it happen on numerous occasions.

  • Fact 1: Lane Hartwell makes a living being a photographer.
  • Fact 2: Richter Scales is a group who defines themselves as: Men who sing (some people seem to not know who they are and what they do) The video was made to promote a funny song they wrote about 'the bubble'.
  • Fact 3: There is no lawsuit. Never has been one. Just a request to remove that photo. (I just learnt how to use iMovie and could help swap that one out in about 2 minutes).
  • Fact 4: Lane hired a lawyer to request the video taken down as per the DMCA
  • Fact 5: There are many photos in that video that are unattributed.
  • Fact 6: Lane Hartwell has been a frequent and rampant contributor to our community for quite sometime. She gives her work/talent away, makes sure our crazy times are well documented, has given me and others permission to use MANY photos for free where we have asked. She is actually really cool about it.

I'm really put off that there are so many people spreading, but also believing, bad rumors in this case. I'm sure the many men behind the Richter Scales don't want a mob sent out to harass a woman whose photograph they used. None of this was done in malice: the photograph used, the request for credit.

Why the maliciousness now? From uninformed bystanders?