RedMonk likes to think its pretty cool company, with plenty of smart women in its community. So when it was planning for RedMonk’s unconference this year May 5th at The Moscone Center in San Francisco, it wanted to make sure it had t-shirts specially made for women. T-shirt driven development is very important in community building. The t-shirts are pretty cool, and RedMonk had 25 printed for women. But then the company realized maybe its not so cool and inclusive after all.

What if only guys showed up? The unconference will be a little dorky, with a fair amount of developer and open source and scripting language stuff going on. But there will also be some conversation about social media in general and Twitter in particular. Because it’s an unconference the community will decide the subjects but you can bet the twitter for community building discussion (already pitched by Ian Skerrett of the Eclipse Foundation) will be a good one.

There are plenty of super smart women in community building, scripting languages, social media and RedMonk would like to improve the balance of its community. They've asked me to put in a good word for them, so here it is! I will, unfortunately, be out of town, but if you are in SF, enjoy! Link to more information

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