Citizen Space Chandelier Equally exciting to me is this second announcement. Yep. We are expanding Citizen Space thanks to an awesome series of fortunate events:

  1. Elisabeth Norris - I hired Elisabeth back in November, I think it was, to be my personal assistant. She has demonstrated that she is so amazing and capable that I decided to hire her full-time to become the General Manager of Citizen Space. Say hi. She rocks.
  2. EqualityCamp - On January 3, we had EqualityCamp, which got bigger than we expected, so we had to move to a bigger space. I placed a phonecall to my landlord and he donated a space on the 1st floor to us that I totally fell in love with.
  3. David Hall - Awesomest landlord ever. Hands down.
  4. The overall success of Citizen Space - We've been full since month 3, I believe, and have been turning people away for years. We are adding 12 desks (for a total of 20), so we should be able to accommodate everyone now!

The details of the space:

- we are moving downstairs in the same building. We'll still be at 425 - 2nd Street, but in suite 100 instead of 300 (in the loading dock - used to be a gym). - the new space is 3500 ft2 (plus a sizeable loft) - 2000+ additional square feet to what we currently have. - we're building in a fully loaded kitchen to the space. - there are two bathrooms in the space. - there is one large boardroom that we will eventually turn into 2 (convertible to one large one) - there is more common space - instead of having a 40 person limit to events, we will have a 100 person limit - rents stay the same as advertised

We'll be doing the grande unveiling March 1st, but people that want to see the new space who are interested in a desk when we open can ping either Elisabeth or myself and arrange a tour for closer to the end of February. We'll be posting photos along the way, tweeting and blogging the transformation, too!

This is super exciting to me and I hope to have my new team working out of the space from time to time! :)