Intuit Values Install (Intuit Values Etchings)

I've been hinting for the last couple of weeks that I have a couple of big announcements to make. This is the first of them.

Starting next week, I begin my job with Intuit as the marketing lead on their Partner Platform. I'm pretty freakin excited about this move for multiple reasons. Here they are:

  1. I'm a data geek and when I first sat down with Alex Chriss, the Business Leader of the Intuit Partner Platform, about this opportunity, he gave me a scrumptious look into just how much amazing data Intuit has that can really help small and mid-size businesses rawk it.
  2. Intuit, itself, needs people from 'my world' (i.e. grassroots, startups, etc.) to help lead it into the next phase. I like feeling needed, but I also saw that I can make a difference in this big, successful, solid company. As soon as the opportunity was presented to me, I started thinking about all of the awesome things I could do by connecting Intuit, the web community, small businesses and even other big, successful, solid companies together to really empower those small to mid-size businesses. My first order of business is to resist using acronyms as much as possible. ;)
  3. I, personally, could use a little schoolin' on corporate America. Though I've worked for larger organizations before, I haven't worked for a company quite the size of Intuit. I'm used to the fly by the seat of my pants, embrace the chaos kind of process that makes things happen quickly and is subject to much risk. This, of course, needs to be balanced with more structure when you scale up to a larger organization and one is accountable to a large workforce and client base. I'm about to find out how to balance that. I'm pretty excited to see where I can push boundaries and where boundaries can push me.
  4. I need to sink my teeth into a really kickass project. And THIS is a kickass project. Intuit has long been the trusted name in business accounting software and has made some tentative moves to the online space. However, the Partner Platform is a huge leap in the direction that the business world is going. When you add up the trusted name of Intuit with the excitement and innovative possibilities of the Partner Platform, you get a big, fat WOWSA of an opportunity to make a real difference.
  5. 2009 is going to be the year when small businesses will bloom. These layoffs really stink, but the more people I talk to who are getting laid off, the more people I'm hearing are making a go of starting their own ventures. They'll need some good support. Enter the Intuit Partner Platform. I want to provide the tools everyone needs to succeed with their new ventures.
  6. The team on this project is killer! I get to work with one of my favorite people in the world, Alex Barnett, who is - I think - one of the sharpest nails in the toolbox when it comes to developer network stuff. I'm really excited about working with him. We riff really well off one another and he's a very down-to-earth person himself...which I heart. I've also grown quite fond of Alex Chriss despite the fact he talks in acronyms. Alex C and I have much in common: Canadian, startup background, brilliant, amazing ideas and willing to fight for what we believe in. A good guy to have in my corner. I also got to briefly meet the delightful Bill Lucchini, who is the Vice President & General Manager, Platform-as-a-Service Group, who knows his sushi, is also super smart and is the right kind of person to lead this effort. I have yet to meet the rest of the team, but if they are anything akin to those I've already met, I'm pumped!

So, there you go. The stubborn indie who revels in her odd work hours (12pm-12am), movement making abilities (it's a full time job in itself!) and addiction to Twitter (another full time job) is going corporate. And, dammit, I'm excited about it. :)

Here is the announcement from Intuit.

(stay tuned for announcement #2!)