She's Geeky Friday, January 30 and Saturday, January 31 in Mountain View, CA at the Computer History Museum

They have an amazing list of proposed topics developing on the wiki.

  • Technical Topics
  • Including Quantum Computing
  • Physical Computing
  • All kinds of programing languages
  • Social Platform Debugging sessions
  • Open Source Hardware
  • Women's Issues Topics
  • Business Topics
  • Career Topics
  • The best place to see who is coming is on the facebook group and on Eventbrite.

    You can bring your daughters - please register them though :)

    Your admission gets you lots of yummy food free.

    We have the movie on the home page :) really fun.

    All of our women in technology collaborating organizations (cause we are an "event" not an organization)

    • Linux Chix
    • Dev Chix
    • Women 2.0
    • Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners
    • Girls in Tech
    • Gaming Angels
    • Glass Hammer
    • Anita Borg Institute
    • Women Who Tech
    • Digital Sisters