LeWeb'09-Paris dec 9th and 10th I'm super excited and very honoured to be part of Le Web '09 in Paris this year (as an official blogger)! I haven't been back for years and Les Blogs (pre-Le Web) was also my very first trip to Paris. I know, I know. I kept saying it for the past year and a half: "I'll be back" and I even booked flights and coordinated with friends. But last minute something would come up: another conference or a deadline or I was just flat broke. But this time I'm so committed that I applied to be an official blogger and now that I'm accepted, I'm taking my role very seriously. :)

I can't wait to see my old friends from Silicon Sentier and FINALLY visit La Cantine. I plan to come in a few days early to shake off my jetlag and wander aimlessly around one of my favourite cities. Then I'll also be bright-eyed to see the awesome lineup, including Laura Fitton (who just launched the amazing OneForty) and Violet Blue! Also great to see Ben Metcalfe speaking as it was him I first met at Les Blogs in 2005 and who caused the big hubub! I think I might have to organize a 'Bullshit' mob. ;)

Either way, I'm looking forward to being in Paris, going to Le Web, seeing old friends, eating some nice food and drinking some good wine and reconnecting.

If you want to join me at Les Blogs, use the discount code: BLOG09 for 10% off! :)