[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mazcoz4BR5w&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0] I decided to sit down and record my trepidation/enthusiasm for being a 36 year-old woman in this changing, odd world of gender. Tell me if you relate, disagree or have something to add. _____ ADDED NOTE: The point here isn't to flatter me (have received the 'you have nothing to worry about' comments from many men) - I say right in the video I feel like I look young and attractive - the point here is that 'middle-age' is a truly liminal, odd place to be...ESPECIALLY as a single, accomplished woman. It feels like it's between REAL ages and not an age in itself (a time to be celebrated). It IS a time to be celebrated, but it's also a transition. Something between being young and irresponsible (self-focused, feeling invincible, etc.) and older and reflective (looking back, realizing mistakes, settling down, etc.). I also didn't get deep into this, but there is a serious double-standard when it comes to what is expected of a single woman my age. We need to look like we're in our 20's and not be too successful as not to compete with men our age. I just don't think men have the same pressure looks wise (I've seen overweight bald men who have power get all the babes - but an overweight unattractive woman with power is not equally lusted after).