The NEW HPC [if you came here via direct link: make sure you click on HOME to see the awesome homepage layout]

Not only does HPC have a brand new look, but I've also (for the first time) recognized the acronym in the title of the page. This doesn't mean that I'm shying away from the name HorsePigCow, just that I've been saying HPC over and over again and, like any good long name, it's destined to become an acronym. I should also add that, though I always loved the design of the previous theme (created in a Sandbox platform by Johnny Bilotta Jr.), it was just time for a refresh. Less about the traditional blog layout and more about a great snapshot.

I love the new layout of the blog. The theme comes from Woo Themes and is one of their free themes called Premium News. All of their themes are gorgeous, though. I used their VibrantCMS theme (not free, but totally worth it) for The Whuffie Factor website (customized by Cindy Li and Matt Harris).

The best part of the Woo Theme is that - apart from a few small glitches that I'll need some developer time for - I did it myself. I'm more technical than the average person, but have a brain like a sieve when it comes to remembering what to do in regards to themes/forms/code/etc. So, what I'm trying to say is...anyone can do this! Thank you to Wordpress for continuing to make really awesome tools that those of us who aren't developers can play with!

I hope you like the new theme. I'm also selling advertising for the first time on HPC. We'll see how that goes! Oh...and here is a funny video spoof of the Black Eyed Peas 'Boom Boom Pow' that these guys called 'Horse Pig Cow'...thought it would be appropriate: