1. Say 'no' more often - and learn to say it with panache!
  2. Get that startup of mine off the ground!
  3. Workout more - this one is pretty standard on everyone's list, but walking the dog doesn't cut it, right? ;)
  4. Take a holiday - a real one. Unrelated to work. Just play. And dammit, stop making my holidays into a production!
  5. Get that book done! The second one that is in limbo right now because I've been traveling too much.
  6. Make a budget - or get an accountant to make one for me. And stick to it.
  7. Help Tad pass grade 10.
  8. Convince my landlord to remodel the kitchen, installing a dishwasher.
  9. Put together at least one event - the conference that I've talked about or the women's getaway that just started brewing in my brain. Or both.
  10. Learn French!!!!
  11. Change the world okay, that may be too ambitious for one year, but hell, I'll keep heading in that direction.
  12. Don't go broke in the process. This relates to #1. And #2. And #5 & #6. This year felt like I had too many 'broke' moments. I need to learn to balance what I give away (bringing whuffie) and what I spend time on that puts money in the bank. I won't do anyone any good living on the street.
  13. Enjoy yourself! Embrace it all.

Like I said. Work in progress. Will check back.