As Erica D., Erica O and Ruth have pointed out, we have been picking #themewords instead of (or in my case in addition to) setting down resolutions since LifeCamp2007. When chosing a themeword, one needs to be incredibly careful. My first year, I chose the themeword TRANSITION, which turned out to be a doozy! When I was *thinking* transition, I was imagining transitioning into my next awesome step in life and moving forward. What I didn't imagine was that a transition also meant that many things big in my life would come to an end. My long-term relationship ended abruptly, my son decided he wanted to move in with his father (thankfully, he moved back after 8 months), my business and clients slowly melted away (they were all connected to the relationship as we owned the business together) and life as I had previously known it kind of fell away. Of course, it all turned out positively, but not before I had a bit of an existential crisis.

So as 2009 approached, I chose THRIVE as it was safe and warm. It also happened to be the campaign themeword for Kaiser Permanente, which I didn't connect at the time. This didn't mean it wasn't positive, but there was no real challenge in it. Thriving was a sort of chugging along action word. I had a great year, of course, with the book being released, the Whuffaoke karaoke roadtrip, a fabulous move to Montreal and many speaking gigs, but it wasn't until the end of the year that forward momentum started to kick into gear.

Which is why I'm choosing a very strong, definitive word for 2010: ACHIEVE. I have laid down a good amount of groundwork for both a challenging and rewarding year. Now I have to focus (a word that was in the running, but I figure I need it to achieve nonetheless) and drive forward towards my goals. And I have many of them. I want to finish writing that second book that has a great outline and a couple of rough chapters dangling, launch and grow Shwowp, the startup I've announced alongside Jerome Paradis, guide a conference about putting people at the core of business in Montreal, learn French and maybe even figure out this dating thing once and for all. It's all about big achievements and pushing myself to do more and talk less. I'm excited.

So, what is your #themeword for 2010? My friend Erica O'Grady lays out a great guideline to helping you set down and follow through on your #themeword here:

How to Pick Your #ThemeWord for 2010

  1. Think of a word that reflects your hopes and dreams for 2010.
  2. Share your ThemeWord with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Your Blog.
  3. Be sure and use the hashtag #ThemeWord.

What I love about boiling the entire year down into one word is that it helps focus everything else. It's also a fun exercise. Be sure to tweet and tell me yours.

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