you will love me so hard you struggle to keep control of itfood won't matter. sleep won't matter. everything you see, smell and hear will remind you of me

you will watch me sleep and ignore my snore you won't notice morning breath or bed head you will see only me.

I will love you so deeply that the mere thought of you will completely distract me my body will ache to be apart from yours my fingers and nose will hold the memory of your skin day and night

I will slowly memorize every line on your face Understanding how they change as you smile, get serious, feel angry And whatever you are feeling will make me love you more

moments, days, months, years will pass by too quickly we'll forget what life was like before there was a we but we'll never forget what keeps us feeling the way we do about each other

you will love me and I will love you of that I'm sure. we deserve no less.

[photo from Matteo Vallee: Gawd I love that shot] [inspired by: Days That Matter]