1. we speak a different language: just today I told a nice man who wants to meet me for coffee that I couldn't because I had the Montreal Python meetup to go to. His response? "You are into snakes?!"
  2. the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me is to use my avatar in the mockups of their web app. Flowers, poetry and the like just can't quite measure up anymore.
  3. a list of some of the stuff that turns me on: hackathons, data, a vigorous debate on web standards, competing for the most badges on Foursquare, pushing to production from dev...see?
  4. most men are uncomfortable with our arguments being resolved on Quora.
  5. i kinda want to use the Angry Birds theme as my first wedding dance someday.

Bonus: using the word muggle brings on puzzled looks in the first place!

Have any more? ;)

[originally posted in the closed environment of FB, Tantek pointed out to me that my action of keeping this list hidden in a walled garden was limiting its potential...not to mention giving up ownership to the behemoth...a very non-muggle problem]