So far, the big highlight of LeWeb has been the interviews regarding the more popular gaming companies like Pet Society by Playfish and Angry Birds by Rovio. The numbers of people playing, paying for and getting excited by games are ASTOUNDING. Just a few numbers to chew on:

  • Rovio's various games sell 90 MILLION virtual goods PER DAY. Virtual goods are rarely cheap. Do the math!
  • Angry Birds PAID version has been purchased by 12 MILLION people and the free version has been downloaded by 30 MILLION people. A loss of revenue? Nope. The free version makes Rovio $1M/month in advertising revenue.

It's clear to me that gaming has broken past the 'teenage boy' barrier and has become very mainstream. The majority of gamers these companies are seeing are women who are 40+: image

This is an amazing growth space...and I don't see gaming going away any time in the near future.

Interesting to note...there were a gaggle of traditional press gathering around the stage all morning...but went away when the social gaming interviews came up. Just shows you how incredibly out of touch the press is with what's coming down the pipe.