Not a lot of people know this about me, but I ran away from home when I was 16. There were all sorts of reasons why, but the biggest one was that I thought I was ready to be independent (my parents didn't really agree, but I didn't seek their opinion). Of course looking back on it, I probably was NOT ready and took a whole bunch of sidesteps before I really found my stride as an adult and a human being. But one thing I know is if I was to do it all over again, I don't know if I would do it differently. It fits my journey and its part of what made me the survivor I am today. So, when my 17 year-old son told me last summer he was going to move out and head back to the US (where he has a green card), I was apprehensive, but not surprised. Tad (or Thaddeus by birth) is a lot like me. He's always craved independence and never been one to follow the easy path anywhere. If someone gave him the choice between a treacherous course that had an uncertain destination and an easy route that ended in something certain, he'd definitely choose the treacherous course. Maybe it's a quest for adventure or maybe it's just rebelliousness, but I've always admired him for it.

Don't get me wrong, I was concerned when he left. He had only worked at one job and that was for a couple of months. He also hadn't finished high school and wasn't looking too motivated to do so. He wasn't super helpful around the house, either, making me think that he may not be as driven as he could be. But he landed in San Francisco in July and made a go of it. And guess what? He's been doing pretty awesome. He got a job in August and has been working (albeit part time) ever since. He's reconnected with old friends, made new friends and seems to be really enjoying life.

Then the other day he texts me: "I have a great idea for a startup." I couldn't be prouder! His idea was a good one, though it's been done (I told him that it shouldn't stop him from continuing to think up great ideas or even from pursuing it if he thinks he could do a better job!). He's also getting tutoring to take his GED and told me his tutor thinks he'll ace it. After that, he's hoping to take a degree in graphic design at the Art Institute in San Francisco (who he interviewed with).

I know he'll do well. He seems to be taking fewer side steps than I did at his age and he is more driven at his age than I ever was.

For now, though, he is looking for work in San Francisco. He's working part-time for a bike store, but wants to take on more part-time work. He said he'll do just about anything. As he said, "Even if ur friends need errands or something. I'll work for minimum wage just for the experience!" :) He's a smart kid. Fast learning. Reliable. Funny. And sweet (he'd hate that I describe him that way, but he is). He's also a very talented artist. In pre-school, he was already drawing 3-D and perspective. I have folders full of the comic books he used to make and a few of the clay figurines he used to meticulously craft (then sell to my neighbors). Perhaps a job somewhere he could do various errands, but be pulled in for creative work every now and then would be perfect. Any startups looking for the next generation of creatives? That's my son. :)

Here is his resume. I pointed him to Emurse and he did the rest. He updates it with every new job and skill he gets. Someone said there are typos, but I think it's perfect (of course! I'm his mom!). You can contact him through Emurse or ping me on my contact form and I'll get it to him.

Thank you in advance. He's awesome. And I know I'm his mom so I'm biased...but I think you'd think so, too. :)