One of my mantras in life has always been "Objects in motion tend to stay in motion...objects at rest tend to stay at rest." I know it's totally ripped off from Newton's law of inertia, but it applies nicely to motivation for me. It's always toughest to get started. Once I get past that hurdle, it gets easier. March was a month of total inertia for me. Between being on the road for most of it (17 of the 31 days were spent traveling), falling behind on my day to day (email, work, articles, etc) and missing most of my usual workouts and training schedule, I got into a total slump. I got sick...twice. I drank more alcohol than I've consumed in years. My work suffered. My mood suffered. My body suffered. I did manage to get in two lovely runs through Golden Gate Park whilst in San Francisco and another two lovely runs along Ladybird Lake whilst in Austin, but not much else. Even the run I planned to do through Central Park in New York fizzled with my overall energy levels. I did 1/2 the runs I did the previous month without any additional gym-time. And I felt it.

So when I got back home on the 1st of April, this object was NOT in motion. In more ways than one.

I've talked previously about how much running helps me keep sane during these rollercoaster high stress days of running a startup. I've also talked about how I was going to keep disciplined while on the road. I failed miserably at that in March. And I figured out why just recently.


Other than running and trying to eat fairly well (okay, emphasis on the *trying*), I live a fairly unhealthy lifestyle. I don't sleep enough. I stay out too late. I burn the candle on both ends. I drink too often. I even occasionally smoke (even though I quit time and time again). I haven't been great at thinking of the effects this would have on my physical body in the long run. This compounded with the amount of stress that I hold inside on a day to day basis is probably taking eons off of my life. I'm completely useless for the entire day after a party, too, which puts more stress on me than ever.

And when I'm on the road it is worse than when I'm at home. I love the SXSW Festival, but the parties with open bars and unhealthy food (bbq soaked ribs, fried food and sweets) are endless. In fact, the goal is usually to hit about 10 of them a night these days. And when I visit San Francisco and New York, I have so many friends in both places, I tend to overdo the food and drink there, too.

But that's no excuse. A good friend (and Shwowp's fabulous marketing director) decided in mid-December of last year that she would stop drinking. She hated the way it made her feel the day after and she decided she could try to live without it. The results? She's never been happier, healthier and had more fun (that she can recall). I've decided to follow her example.

Starting today, I am no longer drinking alcohol. I've done it before. Twice. And both times I started up again after a year or so, but this time I'm setting to make it permanent with a caveat: I can have one small glass of champagne for a toast upon celebrating some momentous occasion, and can have one small glass of a really good wine if offered to me. The reasons I went back before is that I missed the 'treat' from time to time. I'll probably even appreciate it more.

I'm really looking forward to the results on my body. I have a feeling my stress levels will go down, I'll be less prone to illness and my energy levels will go up. I will most likely lose weight, my running will definitely improve and, because smoking seems to be brought on by alcohol consumption, I'll lose my craving for other bad stuff. Maybe I'll even lose this awful insomnia that is haunting me these days.

I'll definitely let you know how it goes and I'd appreciate your support as friends and associates. I won't be one of 'those people' who don't go out or shun parties and friends who like to have a good time, but it may take me a while to figure out how to have a good time without being tipsy. Wish me luck! For those who know me well, this is a pretty radical move.

Time for this woman to get back in motion!