I love shopping. I do. It's no secret to the people around me. And it's pretty much killing me right now to be a broke startup entrepreneur who looks at amazing, gorgeous new objects of desire every single day on Buyosphere that I cannot afford. So, of course, saving money on the stuff I want and need is a highly desirable thing. Then why do the plethora of shopping discount, daily deal and coupon sites leave me so darn cold?

I think it's because, instead of helping me afford the stuff that I need and want, there seems to be an endless stream of messages tempting me to spend my money on stuff that is shiny and lovely, but that I never knew I desired before they appeared in my inbox. In fact, by spending my money on these lovely objects of distraction, I'm getting further away from being able to afford the stuff I really want/need.

Another issue could be that there are just too many shopping deal sites all at once. Or maybe the coupons/deals/offers aren't what we need as consumers after all. Perhaps it turns out that I don't need a new pair of cheap shoes or new accessories every month. Maybe I just need to be able to afford one or two pairs of really good shoes per season, or that amazingly unique accessory by that hard to find local jeweler that makes me look European in every outfit...even jeans and t-shirts. Or maybe I need a better way to find my way to these items.

Hmmmm...if only someone could come around to help us shop SMARTER instead of just MORE. Okay, that is a bit self-serving (as that is one of the core objectives of Buyosphere - egad, I can't wait to unveil our next phase which I think will really help make this a reality), but it's true and it is exactly the issue that all of these hot new startups are going to face.

At the end of the day, we don't need anything that encourages consumption. We've done just fine on that level for years. What we need is a better/faster route to finding that perfect thing for me, which requires the sellers who have that perfect thing for me to figure out how to find me in that exact moment and the sellers that don't to get out of my way. THAT will be the killer social shopping site.

note: stay tuned...

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