...into the future. Now that Buyosphere is funded, I'm writing a regular column on INC.com and the myriad of other things that I've committed to are going on, I find myself looking at the clock everyday thinking, "OMG, where did the day go?" and the calendar at the end of every week and wondering, "It's not THAT DAY already, is it?" Time really is relative.

I used to be that person who would get back to everyone who emailed me lickity split. I would say yes to every coffee/lunch/drink invitation because, well, you never know where that relationship may lead. I took on all sorts of projects and talks and columns and mentorships and whatever I could pack into my days because I wanted to build my Whuffie and build my reputation. I took pride in all of this. I was approachable and generous with my time and I really believed it is what helped me go from a total nobody born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and raised in a small town in Alberta to being paid to stand in front of audiences of thousands of people and  blah blah blah about how I see the world. So it's really hard to become that person who lets email inboxes fill up with thousands of unreplied email and tells people NO on a regular basis.

I still think that stuff is important. Don't get me wrong. But I only have so many hours in my day and, as it is, I'm not spending near enough of it taking care of myself. I need to be smart with the time I have left over and, unfortunately, many of my decisions on how to spend it go back to whether or not it will help me and my business and not the other way around.

From what I hear, though, this is a temporary state of being. I've been told by people who have worked hard and become very successful that they can now go back to giving instead of taking again. But instead of rationalizing about it, I just need to keep focused.

All of this is to say...I won't be blogging much here for a while and everywhere else I'm communicating, I'm going to seem less like Tara and more like, I don't know, someone else who is obsessed with building her business. I can't wait until I have the time again to share everything. Thanks for your support and someday I hope to buy all of you a cruise around the world with me.