I’ve been consuming haul videos for a while now…they are an interesting phenomenon: incredibly popular accounts of a shopping spree done on video. Usually by a 20 something or a teen and quite often they cover a trip to the mall. My haul is a bit different. I definitely didn’t spend hours on my hair and makeup (maybe I should have?) and I’m pushing 40 instead of in my early 20′s. But I was compelled to make it because of the surprisingly great finds I bought from Simons*.

I had fun making it and I think I’ll have even more fun wearing my new finds. It isn’t very often these days that I get to go on a spree.  :)


* Full disclosure, Simons sent me a gift certificate, but they didn’t ask me to follow up with a video or a post or anything. In fact, I get stuff like this all of the time and rarely feel compelled (I’m on some sort of Canadian fashion influencers list…which is funny, but awesome).