I usually try to be pretty humble when it comes to getting press. ("Try" being the operative word!) But this one I'm especially proud of because: 1. it's in one of my favorite magazines

2. I share the page with one of my heroes

3. the distinction is pretty darn awesome (no really)

photo 2I did giggle a bit at 'Authority' (reminds me of Cartman saying "Respect My Authoritah!") as I still feel like I'm a lifetime away from really being an authority on anything. But hell, next time someone questions my recommendations at work, I'll wave the magazine in front of them. That works, right?

Kidding aside, it's an awesome distinction and I am alongside amazing company. Jane McGonigal (the aforementioned hero), whose ideas on how we can improve real life through learning from games changed the way I think; Sophia Amoruso, whose online fashion shop took the startup world by storm; Linda Rottenberg, whose business Endeavor was rocking the entrepreneurial world long before Y Combinator; Olga Koper, a NANOTECHNOLOGIST; the amazing Yael Cohen whose F*** Cancer social business has given people hope worldwide; and Maria Flynn whose biotech company frees people from pain.

Are you KIDDING me? I'm on this list? Seriously. I know I've accomplished quite a lot in my lifetime. I know I've done some great work and I'm proud of my contributions and my growth. But this is a pretty darned humbling list. Thank you Entrepreneur for picking me!

Now quick...before they realize the error they made, pick it up and revel in this with me! :)

NOTE: I should add that I'm NO LONGER WITH Tuxedo (as of just over a month ago). Unfortunately, I was interviewed for this article when I was still there and they couldn't change it. :/