In the past few #themeword years, I've been incredibly cautious when it comes to picking my word. I felt it unwise to take the leap that this year or that would be MY year. It started with Transition in 2008, and Thrive in 2009, then moved along to Achieve in 2010, then Reap in 2011 and finally Give'r in 2012. The thing these #themewords had in common was hard work and growth.

I've worked hard. I've grown. I know I still have lots to learn, but after 5 years of hard work and growth, I'm looking forward to some awesome payoff and 2013 feels like the right year to go bullish on the themeword.

Triumph is an awesome word, too. It's not only amazingly dramatic and bigger than life for a word, it is also the name of an awesome Canadian 80's hair band and a pretty sweet and sporty motorcycle. I feel pretty brazen about this word and I look forward to this awesome year.

I have lots to feel bullish about this year. For many years, I struggled with Buyosphere and, before that, was figuring out who I am and where I wanted to go. These years have been challenging, but in the past half a year, I've re-entered the workforce and taken on some exciting new work that has put my skills to the test. I can now say I finally know what I'm doing and feel professionally solid.

I also have a wonderful relationship with an amazing man, my son is growing up to be a fine young man and I'm happy with who I am and have let go of many of the insecurities of my youth. I turn 40 in 2013 and I'm excited for it. I no longer dread that milestone.

Yep. This year is going to rock. I've fought the good fight, now it's time to rock out and roll on. ;)