I've launched a new YouTube series on our company channel, which is a spinoff of some previous videos I've done on my own channel. The series is called Truly Social and is about giving quick lessons/tips in how brands can be, well, truly social.

The truth is that it's not in most brands' DNA to be social. It requires listening, investment over the long term, letting go of control of the brand message, and giving as much (if not more) than you get. The very definition of social is "living or disposed to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation." Companies are built to be self-centred and emotionally isolated. They don't have to be, but if you are going to maximize profits - which is the goal for most companies - you need to focus on getting more than giving and being as rationally focused as possible.

So when a company is thinking of investing in something, they want a huge return on that investment. Invest in marketing? They want the biggest number of new customers out of it.

But the thing about investing in long term content is that there is an INCREDIBLE return on investment if you do it right. Hubspot has studied their customers and found that those B2B customers with blogs generate 67% more leads. General Electric's investment in content across multiple platforms and media results in 30% more value (than traditional marketing) on every dollar spent. Companies like Red Bull, Lego, Chipotle, and Marriott are actually seeing their marketing cost centres turn into profit centres.

Investing in long term content means that you can grow an audience and when you've grown that audience, you have their attention for anything (but don't damage the trust!). By shifting the short term investments from paid (and even earned) - which need to be constantly fed in order to deliver returns - to owned, you are building returns that keep on returning long past the investment.

My Truly Social Tip this week is about one of those investments: Hub content on YouTube. Take a watch and see what this is and why it's so powerful.