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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Wizards

Vintage Wizard of Oz Recently, I heard the awesome Gustavo Esteva speak about his experiences with multiple uprisings in Mexico. What struck me was how empowered he described Mexicans as being. At one point, he compared the citizen engagement to the story of the Wizard of Oz:

[paraphrased] Government is much like the Wizard of Oz. Just like the scene where Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow approach the Wizard, and find out he is just a human like themselves, then ask if they can have a heart, a brain, courage and to go home, the people of Oaxaca find out that the ability to have what they want was within them all along. They don't need the Wizard to give them these things.

This is a very similar message to what I've been producing for the various presentations to government services organizations. We all have it in ourselves to make our world a better place to be in...only, we need the Wizard to step from behind his curtain and work with us on it.

While I'm blogging up a storm, I thought I'd post my most recent Government 2.0 presentation with a similar message (which is why Gustavo's presentation really resonated with me):

Of course, I think of the partnership as more of a superhero/sidekick partnership where we have special powers that we can use to defeat the 'enemy', which is complacency. Either way, nothing beats an empowered public.

:: bonus: this most excellent presentation by valeriev that uses the Wizard of Oz analogy beautifully.