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My Seriously Serendipitous Life

Serendipity by The Rocketeer on Flickr So, we've talked alot about Accelerating Serendipity and how many of the things we do or participate in (twitter, dopplr, flickr, coworking, barcamp, etc) is all about creating more opportunities for everyday magic to happen (that stuff you couldn't have planned in a zillion years, but is exactly what needs to happen to get to the next level)...but *wow*...I am still always floored when it happens.

So, the other day, I wrote how my friend Lloyd sent me this awesome link to a cool interview with Alex Frankel, the person who went undercover to explore the nuances of customer service with each brand and wrote a really cool book on the subject matter, Punching In.

Serendipity number one. How did Lloyd really know that I would appreciate the link? Probably because I publish everything openly. I didn't say, "Please send me examples of people in this situation." He just knew because I had made my thoughts so readily apparent, he kind of figured it would be something I was interested in.

Well, I was. I ordered the book.

Then about 2 hours later, Lane Becker, of Satisfaction, tweeted:

anybody here have contact info/could make an intro for me to ron johnson, senior vp of retail, apple?

And, because Lloyd had sent me the link, I didn't have Ron Johnson's contact info, but I had the info of someone who Lane may be interested in...because I knew, from his various communications, that he is working on a conference, The Customer Service Summit, that is pretty much tied to the concept of Frankel's book. So, I sent Lane the information.

That was serendipity number two btw.

Serendipitous moment number I get two packages. One from Amazon and one from Alex Frankel himself...thanking me for the intro (I'm hoping he accepted the offer). Now I have not one, but TWO books (one will go into the Citizen Space library)! This means that I have contact with Frankel (he sent me his personal information in the package) that I plan to use to see if he would like to sit down for an interview to be part of MY book. :)

Personally, I don't think the serendipity will end there. I'm pretty sure there will be many happily unexpected moments out of this particular wire crossing, but the beauty of serendipity is that I can't imagine what those look like and I could never try to plan them.